pre-emergent weed control

Pre-Emergent Weed Control

Means Planning Ahead for a Beautiful Lawn

If you’re serious about your yard, you love looking out at a vast, green carpet of grass. You love the feel of grass on your bare feet. You enjoy watching your friends and family enjoy your yard. And, you never skip a scheduled treatment for pre-emergent weed control – your best bet for winning the war on weeds.

Ever seen one of those lawns that looks great from a distance, but up-close is another story because it’s full of weeds? That’s a sure sign weed prevention was an after-thought. The truth is, the best time to keep weeds out of your yard is before they’re visible, during the germination phase. The preparation and pre-emergent weed control you do in the spring and fall will determine how good your grass looks year-round.

The best and easiest way to fight weeds is before they grow. It’s much harder and more expensive to try to rid your lawn of weeds once they’ve taken root. Pre-emergent herbicides are effective in preventing the germination of most weeds – the fewer weeds that germinate, the healthier your lawn can grow. A thick, healthy lawn has the best chance of crowding out weeds and preventing them from taking over. The thicker and healthier your turf, the less room there is for weeds to flourish.

How Pre-Emergent Weed Control Helps Your Lawn Thrive

By killing weeds weeks before they germinate, a pre-emergent herbicide that’s applied in the spring and fall boosts your lawn’s resistance to weeds. Applying a pre-emergent isn’t all you need, though. Your yard will become as weed-resistant as possible if you aerate it to prevent soil compaction, improve oxygen and nutrient intake, mow correctly, and treat to prevent insects and diseases. A healthy yard is the last place a weed wants to grow.

Greenleaf Lawncare is the reliable locally owned and operated lawn service your Upstate neighbors trust for a healthy, lush yard that looks beautiful year-round. Our pre-emergent prevention treatment will help your yard grow thick and green, leaving no room for weeds to take root. Even if you waited too long to prevent the current crop of weeds in your yard, it’s never too late to plan your next pre-emergent treatment and prevent them from coming back. Just call 864.242.9615 or click to schedule your pre-emergent treatment today.