Isn’t your landscape, not to mention your peace of mind, worth more than just the lowest bid? Beware the “fly by night” companies or amateur part-timer’s promising the world at bargain prices. Often claiming to know what your lawn needs and how much it will cost without ever having seen it. This results in poor results at best and hidden costs that show up when trouble arises.

Don’t trust just anyone with one of the largest investments in your home…your landscape. Greenleaf Lawncare is locally owned and operated with over 25 years in the lawncare industry and proud to serve the Upstate of South Carolina. Fully licensed and insured to give you peace of mind. You can trust the professionals at Greenleaf to help you accomplish the goals for your landscape on virtually any budget. Our pricing is based on an on-site estimate because we recognize each landscape is different, as are the needs and concerns of our clients.

Contact us and have one of our experts out for a free professional assessment of your landscape and to discuss your expectations.