Tree and Shrub Care

for the Upstate, SC Landscape

Each landscape is unique. At Greenleaf Lawncare our service is designed to develop the proper program to help your landscape thrive.

Our Tree and Shrub program will provide your plants nutrients including micro nutrients to enhance bloom color and volume and help develop overall plant health. Our Upstate, SC climate allows a wide variety of plants to thrive. This also means bugs, bugs, bugs! We utilize the most effective materials throughout the year to address the needs of each plant type and minimize the ability of these insects to damage your landscape. Diseases in plants are impossible to predict. However, diseases are more likely to appear at certain time of year based on conditions such as humidity, temperature and rainfall. We provide the proper rates of fungicides at the optimal times to address these issues

With over 25 years in the lawncare industry we can develop a plan to meet your needs any time of year. Call or click here to arrange for one of our experts to come out for a professional assessment of your landscape.

Application: (5 to 7 Week Intervals)

Tree & Shrub Care

1: Lime
2: Insect & Disease Control for Lace Bugs, Shotgun Disease, Leafspot Disease, etc.
3: Spring Fertilization
4: Insect & Disease Control for Japanese Beetles, White Fly's, Powdery Mildew, etc.
5: Insect & Mite Control for Aphids, Spider Mites, Sutty Mold, etc.
6: Fall Fertilization
7: Overwintering Insect Control such as Scale and Mealy Bugs

Note: Materials and rates will vary according to grass type and weather conditions.